Our Team

The Team is based at the Service de Médecine Génétique of the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The regular mail address is:

Division of Genetic Medicine
Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)
CHUV, Av. Pierre-Decker 5,
1011 Lausanne,
Secretariat Phone +41-21-314-3200

Email  gilles.eggen@chuv.ch


Prof. Andrea Superti-Furga

MD, Full Professor

Phone +41-21-314-3561
email: mailto:asuperti@unil.ch




Prof. Luisa Bonafé

MD, PhD, Professor  
Head of the Center for Molecular Diseases

Phone +41-21-314-3480
email: luisa.bonafe@chuv.ch




PD Dr. Sheila Unger

Medecin-adjoint, Privat-Docent and MER (Uni Lausanne), BSc, MD, FRCP(C)
Clinical Geneticist CCMG (Canada), ABMG (USA), Fachärztin für Humangenetik (BRD)
Diagnostic Coordinator ESDN

Phone +41-21-314-9568
email: sheila.unger@chuv.ch



Dr. Ana Belinda Campos-Xavier

PhD, Director Skeletal Dysplasia laboratory

Phone +41-21-314-9568
email: belinda.xavier@chuv.ch





Dr. Lauréane Mittaz-Crettol

PhD, Laboratory Scientist for Skeletal Dysplasia

email: laureane.mittaz-crettol@chuv.ch




PD Dr. Diana Ballhausen


Privat-Docent and MER (Uni Lausanne), MD, Pediatrician FMH
Specialized in Metabolic and Genetic Diseases

Phone +41-21-314 34 82
email: diana.ballhausen@chuv.ch







Carole Chiesa Buzzi

Laboratory Technician for Skeletal Dysplasia

Phone +41-21-314-5351
email: carole.chiesa@chuv.ch