2012 special Course - Campinas, Brasil

This Course was held October 1 to 5, 2012, in Campinas, Brasil, with the special organization of Professor Denise Cavalcanti of the Campinas University. It was supported by the Cosmo-B joint research project Switzerland-Brasil.

The Cosmo-B project ("Congenital Skeletal Malformations and Osteochondrodysplasias in Brazil") was a research project co-sponsored by the governments of Switzerland and Brasil. the principal investigators were professor Denise Cavalcanti from Campinas, and Professors Andrea Superti-Furga, Sheila Unger and Luisa Bonafé from Lausanne. A kick-off event was held in Campinas in April 2012, and a Course on Skeletal Dysplasia was held in Campinas in October 2012. The Cosmo-B programme has very successful in developping the field of genetic skeletal disorders in Brazil. 

The pictorial report from the Course can be downloaded here.

The picture below is from the kick-off event in Campinas.